EOSIO Training and Certification Terms and Conditions

(Last Updated: September 30, 2020)

These EOSIO Training and Certification Terms and Conditions (“EOSIO Training and Certification Terms and Conditions”) are entered into between block.one LLC (“block.one”) and you as an individual trainee or candidate for a block.one credential or certification (“You,” “Your,” or “User”), and, incorporate the EOSIO Terms of Use found at https://eos.io/legal/terms-of-use/ (“Terms of Use”). These EOSIO Training and Certification Terms and Conditions are additional terms that, when accepted by you, form part of the Agreement as defined in the Terms of Use (and to which you have agreed to be bound).  The Agreement sets forth the terms and conditions that govern your participation in a EOSIO Training and Certification training program (“Training Program”), testing program (“Testing Program”) and/or credential or certification program (“Credential Program”, and together with the Training Program and Testing Program, the “Programs”). In the event of a conflict between the Terms of Use and the EOSIO Training and Certification Terms and Conditions, the EOSIO Training and Certification Terms and Conditions shall govern, and all references to “block.one” found in the Terms of Use shall be deemed to be the same entity as is referred to as “block.one” herein.


1. Access to Training; Credentials. Upon Your acceptance of this Agreement, and the making of any required payment (if applicable), you may be provided with access to training and/or testing materials of block.one (“Training Materials”). Upon your completion and verification of any pre-requisite requirements (such as completion of the applicable Training Program) and the making of any required payment (if applicable), you may be provided access to a Credential exam (“Exam”) for purposes of testing Your knowledge of a specific block.one product and qualifying for the applicable block.one product Credential or to a skills assessment (“Assessment”) for assessing your skill level for a particular activity or role. Payment will not be required for access to Assessments. As used in this Agreement, “Credential” means any block.one certification or designation that is obtained via the block.one Credential Program or other similar block.one certification Program. Training Materials, Exams and Assessments will be considered to be contained in the “Website” or “Services” under the Terms of Use, and the Programs and all related services will be deemed “Services” under the Terms of Use.

2. Proprietary and Confidential Information. You agree that the Training Materials, Exams and Assessments and all content related to the foregoing are confidential and proprietary information (“Confidential Information”) of block.one and/or its affiliates. You are prohibited from disclosing, copying or publishing Confidential Information, and You shall not use any Confidential Information for any purpose outside the scope of this Agreement. Your confidentiality obligations shall survive the termination of this Agreement.

3. Candidate Personal Data. Your submission of personal information and personal data (“Personal Data”) is governed by the Privacy Notice found at https://training.eos.io/pages/privacy. You will be required to provide Personal Data, which you hereby agree to provide, as a condition of participating in any Programs and gaining access to any Training Materials, Exams or Assessments. Such Personal Data will be collected at various instances during your participation in the Programs, including, but not limited to, during registration, during the Training, via an Exam or Assessment, and through self-service portals.

4. Credential Designation: Upon successful completion of Training Materials and/or the applicable Exam, and subject to the terms of the Agreement, block.one grants You a personal, non-exclusive, non-transferable, revocable license to use the applicable block.one Credential designation and associated logo (“Credential Designation”) for the sole purpose of indicating that You meet the criteria for the applicable Credential. You may not use the Credential Designation in any way that: i) may be construed to establish an affiliation between block.one and any third parties other than You; or ii) negatively impacts block.one's reputation or goodwill. Block.one retains all rights, title and interests in the Credential Designation. Nothing herein shall be construed to grant any other rights to You. By using the Credential Designation, You agree that Block.one is the exclusive owner of all right, title and interest in the Credential Designation, that You shall take no action inconsistent with block.one’s ownership of the Credential Designation, and that Your use shall comply with block.one’s current Trademark Notice found at https://eos.io/legal/trademark-notice/, and any trademark or partner branding guidelines or any other guidelines or policies that block.one may provide, all of which are incorporated by reference (“Guidelines”). Block.one may change the Credential Designation and Guidelines and locations of same at any time and You agree to comply with any such changes or requests by block.one. Other than as expressly allowed under this Agreement, You agree a) to use the Credential Designation in a manner consistent with industry standards and will provide samples of use if requested by block.one; b) not to modify the Credential Designation in any way; c) not to use, register or seek to register any mark, name (including but not limited to company and product name), tagline, social media handle, advertising keyword, or any other source identifying designation that consists of or incorporates the Credential Designation or any of block.one’s marks (“block.one Marks”) in any format, or is otherwise confusingly similar to block.one Marks; and to comply with any current and future Guidelines that block.one may from time to time adopt relating to the use and display of the Credential Designation.

You acknowledge that Your Credential Designation will not be considered current unless You

have paid all required Exam fees for the applicable Program, successfully completed the relevant Training Program and received the minimum passing score on both (i) the applicable initial Credential Exam, and (ii) any subsequent block.one release-specific Exams required for Your original Credential Designation. You may be required to pay an additional recurring fee to register for release-specific Exams. You also acknowledge that your use of the Credential Designation upon successful completion of the Training Program and Credential Exam is not in any way a warranty or guarantee of your abilities with regards to the block.one Service in general or any other offering. You may not suggest or represent that completion of a Training Program or receipt of a Credential Designation is any such warranty or guarantee of your abilities.

Block.one reserves the right to modify any Program as it deems necessary, including but not limited to changing any Credential Designation requirements, specifying an expiration of any Credential Designation, updating or modifying the training courses or programs, changing exam objectives, changing Exam content, Exam passing score, or time allowed for Exams. Block.one may also require you to re-take any Exam as may be required for any Program.

5. Disclosure of Your Credential Designation and Related Information. Please see the Privacy Notice for details regarding disclosure of your Credential Designation and Related Information.

6. Exams and Assessments. You shall at all times comply with all Exam and Assessment regulations or policies as may be adopted by us. You shall not falsify your identity or impersonate another individual, misrepresent attainment of a Credential, forge any Credential Designation, disclose, copy or use any Exam or Assessment content or materials to any third party without our approval, or engage in any other misconduct that we consider in our sole discretion as compromising the legitimacy, integrity, security or confidentiality of any Exam, Assessment or Program. You shall at all times comply with any retake policy that we may adopt for any Program. Exams and Assessments may be hosted and proctored by a third party service provider. If so, you may also be subject to the terms of use provided by such third party. If you have a disability under the Americans with Disabilities Act or similar law, and you wish to discuss potential accommodations related to taking an Exam or Assessment, please contact [email protected]

7. Payments. Block.one may make available the ability to purchase access to Training Programs or Exams in connection with the Programs  If you wish to make a payment transaction, you may be asked to supply certain relevant information, such as your credit card number and requisite details, your billing address and your shipping information. You represent and warrant that you have the right to use any credit card for which you provide any credit card information in connection with a payment transaction. By submitting such information, you understand that such information will be provided to third parties for purposes of facilitating payment transactions. Verification of information may be required prior to the acknowledgment or completion of any payment transaction. You will pay all charges incurred by you or on your behalf through the Programs, at the prices in effect when such charges are incurred, including all shipping and handling charges, if applicable. In addition to payment by credit card, in some instances, block.one may, as determined in its sole discretion, allow purchases to be made by order and paid by wire transfer or other method of payment acceptable to block.one. If such order indicates payment will be by a method other than a credit card, block.one will invoice you in advance and otherwise in accordance with the relevant order. Unless otherwise stated in the order, invoiced fees are due net 30 days from the invoice date. You are responsible for providing complete and accurate billing and contact information to block.one and notifying block.one of any changes to such information. Block.one reserves the right, including without prior notice, to discontinue making available, or to refuse to provide any user with, any Training Programs, Exams or other products or services available on or through our website; to impose conditions on the honoring of any coupon, discount, trial period or similar promotion; and to bar any user from making any payment transaction. Any refunds will be subject to Block.one’s applicable refund policies. While it is our practice to confirm orders by email, the receipt of an email order confirmation does not constitute our acceptance of an order or our confirmation of an offer to sell a product or service. Once you place an order, the payment obligation is non-cancelable. You shall pay any sales, value-added or other similar taxes imposed by the applicable law that block.one must pay based on the applicable Program you ordered, except for taxes based on block.one’s income. All fees for any Program listed on the EOSIO website or in your order are tax exclusive. If block.one is obligated to collect or pay such taxes, the taxes will be invoiced to you, unless you provide a timely and valid tax exemption certificate authorized by the appropriate taxing authority. In some jurisdictions, the tax is due on the total purchase price at the time of sale and must be invoiced and collected at the time of the sale. If you are required by law to withhold any taxes from your payment, you must provide block.one with an official tax receipt or other appropriate documentation to support such withholding and you will increase your payment to block.one by an amount to ensure that block.one receives the same amount as if no such withholding was required. If required under applicable law, you will provide block.one with applicable tax identification information and other tax documentation that block.one may require to ensure its compliance with applicable tax regulations and authorities in applicable jurisdictions. You will be liable to pay (or reimburse) any taxes, interest, penalties or fines arising out of any mis-declaration by you.

8. Term and Termination. The term of this Agreement shall commence upon Your acceptance

of these terms and conditions and shall continue until terminated as provided herein. Block.one may terminate this Agreement with or without cause upon written notice to You. Block.one may, in its sole discretion, terminate this Agreement at any time and revoke your access to Training Materials or your Credential Designation if block.one determines that You: 1) assisted, or used assistance from others or any unauthorized sources in completing the Training Program, an Exam or an Assessment; 2) circumvented, or attempted to circumvent block.one program procedures or security mechanisms; or 3) breached the terms of this Agreement. Upon termination of the Agreement, Your rights to use the Training Materials and Credential Designation shall cease immediately, which requires that You immediately cease accessing any Training Materials and remove any Credential Designation from all electronic and hard copy materials, including but not limited to websites, social media sites/accounts, blogs, email signatures, resumes, and business cards. In the case of hard copy materials, any unused materials must be destroyed within ten (10) days of termination. Obligations that You incurred prior to termination, as well as the limitations of liability, warranty disclaimers, indemnities and choice of law and forum provisions set forth in this Agreement shall survive termination. We may also deny you any further or future participation in any Program, Exam or Assessment, cancel a passed Exam or an Assessment result, revoke any pre-existing Credential/Credential Designation granted, or any other rights previously conferred on you by us for any breach of this Agreement by you.

9. No partnership, agency or joint enterprise. You acknowledge that nothing herein shall be construed as creating a partnership, agency or any form of joint enterprise based on this

Agreement or Your authorized use of a Credential Designation.

10. Assignment. You acknowledge that the rights and obligations hereunder, including any rights to use the block.one Logo in connection with the Credential Designation, in whole or in part, are personal and may not be assigned by You to any third party. Any attempted assignment will be null and void and shall constitute a breach of this Agreement. No modification of these terms and conditions or waiver of rights is effective unless agreed in writing by block.one.

11. Governing Law, Venue and Waiver of Jury Trial. This Agreement shall be governed

exclusively by the internal laws of New York, without regard to its conflicts of laws rules. Each party hereby consents to the exclusive jurisdiction of the state and federal courts located in New York County, New York to adjudicate any dispute arising out of or relating to this Agreement. Each party hereby waives any right to jury trial in connection with any action or litigation arising out of or related to this Agreement.

12. Remedies. It is expressly agreed that a material breach of this Agreement by You may

cause irreparable harm and a remedy at law may be inadequate. In addition to any and all

remedies available at law, block.one will be entitled to injunctive relief or other equitable remedies in the event of a threatened or actual violation of any provision of this Agreement.

13. Notices. All notices under this Agreement shall be in writing and shall be deemed to have

been given upon: (i) personal delivery; (ii) the second business day after mailing; or (iii) the second business day after sending by email. Notices to block.one shall be addressed to the attention of [email protected] with a copy to [email protected] or as updated by block.one via written notice to You.

14. General. Block.one reserves the right to modify the Programs, Training Materials, requirements for Credentials, other Credential formats, Exams and/or Assessments at any time, without notice. This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the parties, and supersedes all prior and contemporaneous agreements, proposals or representations, written or oral, concerning the Programs.